Custom Development for Zendesk

Every business solution have it’s own specifics, as a result it needs an individual touch
Using our tailor-made as per your individual business needs bespoke solutions you can bring your company to an operational excellence.
Our team of ITIL-certified specialists will work with you to transform and enrich functionality of your Zendesk to make sure you are making the most out of your helpdesk system.

Zendesk Integration

You can have a perfect sync of Zendesk with your system.
Improve your customer service, optimize it and make your business more efficient due to synchronization of your Zendesk with either CRM, ERP, bug tracking or any other business solution.

Custom Design for Zendesk

Zendesk can look exactly like your web site.
Your Zendesk help desk will blend naturally with the design of your web site! Our web designers will create a perfect skin for your web site to make sure it corresponds to the look and feel of it.

Zendesk Modules

We have plenty of ready-made solutions
We have an impressive portfolio of Zendesk modules. All our solutions are easy to use and integrate to your help desk system.